Quorum provides shared purpose and collective insights

Quorum is a collaborative business community based in Perth, Western Australia. An incorporated association, we are self-directed and collectively-owned.

The group provides structure and support for SME business owners and leaders to develop and grow their business, their networks and themselves. Spanning consumer, small business or corporate markets, Quorum provides the environment to help business thrive.

Our purpose is to share knowledge and strengthen our business partnerships to achieve exceptional client outcomes. Creating a positive client experience is central to our success and sustainability long term.

We meet fortnightly; a regularity and commitment that allows us to build a deeper understanding of fellow members and regular conversations about the wider activity in the local market.

Invitation-only thought leadership presentations take place once a month. Members are also invited to internal sessions to develop shared content and provide the opportunity to collaborate as a team. 

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A culture of contribution


Quorum operates on people bringing something to the table. Whether it’s business, endorsements, knowledge or support, we expect consistent contribution from everyone.

Our values of contribution, collegiality and accountability are at the core of everything we do. All members strive to contribute to the group equally through a combination of referred client work, commitment to fortnightly events, initiating B2B’s, and bringing guests and new members to the group.

This commitment to contribution is rewarded with the strong collegiality amongst our close knit community. The majority of our members have been a part of Quorum since it began in 2008.

We are led by a rotating executive team that generously give their time and energy. The executive leads the group for a year at a time in shaping activities that support our clients, our members and good causes in the wider community.

As an independent non-profit business association, we follow the principle of ‘culture over quantity’ when it comes to members. This means building a culture we enjoy being a part of without needing to acquire members for the sake of it.

Guests are invited to attend public events and learn from thought leaders. If the opportunity for referrals, collaboration and thought leadership exist, guests may be invited to apply for membership in order to expand the collective knowledge base and service opportunities of the group.

By inducting only members with shared values and a similar commitment to client outcomes, we can continue to build a culture where business and members continue to grow in a supportive and progressive environment.