Daria Varlamova at the Pine forest in Myaree in Western Australia.

What is the feeling of Photography? Basically it’s the set of emotions you get from seeing an image, an advertisement. It’s something that moves you, something that connects with you.

Brands and advertisers have been using the power of imagery for years. The subject matter changes, some show people, others beautiful landscapes or delicious food – Heck, Nike even manages to make us feel politically motivated through evocative imagery and messaging.

But why? Why all this you may ask?

Quoting from a book I have been reading lately, “Everything is F*cked”, A man Elliot had an operation removing a tumour in his right frontal lobe! After what it seems total recovery, Elliot goes back to work but seems to be odd and cannot make correct decisions on important tasks! For instance, he prioritises buying a stapler over important meeting with his team! He misses the parent / teachers meeting because he’s watching a James Bond marathon on TV! Elliott eventually gets fired. But what they realised afterwards is that the doctors took a little more than a tumour out of his head! Elliott lost the part of his brain that provided the ability to feel!

It was the recognised that every decision we make is based on feelings! You go to a meetings rather than buying a stapler because it feels more important!

The ability to feel is how we make decisions

When social media (Facebook mainly) came on board, it was the first time that advertising companies and brands realised the power had shifted form a brand telling their story to the consumer telling the companies how they felt – Through likes, comments and sharing stories were now being told about the brands and they were no longer in control.

So how can you utilise the power of feelings? How can your business capture and utilise great emotive photography to inspire or motivate your target market. Here are some things to consider;

Think outside the square

There is no need to do the same shit that everyone is doing! Take some risks, strive for different, strive for better!

Get great Talent

Your talent will make or break you so make sure you get the right one for what you want to achieve

Get a great team to execute it

There is no “I” in team! A great photo always involves a great make artist, a stylist, a great location and of course the guy that brings it all together; A GREAT photographer that will direct well your talent – Without him you’re in trouble.

A simple portrait is well thought of to deliver the key message – clothes he is wearing, tie or no tie etc… We question everything!

Create great imagery with feelings that connects with your audience!!

The more feelings the better – Good or Bad.

And of course, don’t forget the message!

Pointless to get someone burning the sausages on the BBQ to advertise a laxative (but if you are creative, it can be done).

So if you want people to notice you better, make sure you bring feelings into your photos so then you connect with your herd and get better outcomes! Their ability to feel is the reason they will make decisions on your company/brand or ad! 

So give them Feelings!